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Short Term Loan

Short term loans aren't just for individuals

There is plenty of advertising for short term loans meant for individuals. The problem with these is that they typically demand that you have a regular job and that you pay them back after one or two scheduled paychecks. These terms are worthless to those who are self-employed or who have casual income instead of predictable paydays.

Loans aimed at individuals also are of no help to standard businesses. Businesses don't get paychecks; they pass them out. Does this mean that they can't get short term finance arrangements or that they have to go to a different lender than individuals?

In most cases, the answer would be yes, but that's not the case here at Proteger Financial Solutions in West Perth. We have departments for both individuals and businesses, and the financial offerings overlap surprisingly often. This is the case with our short term finance offerings, which are approved based on cash flow rather than commonly-used metrics like paychecks or accounts receivable.

The reasons for getting short term finance are infinitely varied, but almost all of them involve a need to get money in a hurry. An individual may need to get a car fixed or repair an expensive household appliance. Meanwhile, a business may need to put thousands of dollars into a deal right away in order to lock it down. We understand that neither group of people are always able to wait for a long approval process or to build credit history, so we make our requirements as easy to meet as possible. If you need money fast, talk to us. We can almost surely help you, whether you are an individual or a growing company.