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Residential Loan

Interest isn't the only important consideration when looking for a residential loan

Interest rates are hugely important for any long-term loan, so it's no wonder that they get the most attention when looking for a mortgage or similar residential loan. However, it is important to keep an eye on other loan-related costs, as well. These can easily add up to thousands of dollars if you're not careful.

One such source of costs is home loan broker fees. Some brokers charge much more than others, and it often isn't related to the level of service you get. Instead, it's more about how much the brokers think they can charge. Therefore, you should be sure to find out about these before agreeing to use a broker's services.

Another aspect of home loan broker fees to look out for is whether they are paid up front, or set up as "trailing" (paid at the end of the loan term). Paying up front can save you some interest, but this increases the amount of cash you need to present to get the deal done. Meanwhile, paying at the end of the term saves you from a larger immediate outlay, but can end up costing you more in the long run.

Here at Proteger Financial Solutions, we offer fair fees and a variety of payment options for this aspect of our services. Notably, we give you the choice to split up the commission payment so that some is paid up front while the rest is paid later. This makes it so that you can save at least some money even if you can't pay the entire cost at once. We also offer the traditional all-up-front and all-trailing options, so you aren't limited to just one configuration.