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Home Refinance Loan

Now, is a great time to refinance your home loan.

Almost every homeowner occasionally wonders if it's a good time to refinance home loan. Now that central banks are lowering their interest rates, the answer is almost always "yes." Assuming your credit-worthiness hasn't declined and you got your original loan at a higher rate, you should be able to save money if you refinance now.

That said, nothing is an absolute guarantee. Some lenders and home loan brokers charge so much to write a new loan that the costs can out-weigh the savings. This is why it's important to check all of the details before signing another mortgage.

Fees and commissions are two of the things you should take a close look at when considering refinancing. The most expensive of these are added onto the cost of the loan, and have nothing to do with behavior-based costs like late fees or early payment costs. However, if you plan on repaying the loan early, you should make sure to check on costs for that, too.

Here at Proteger Financial Solutions, we work with a variety of banks and other lenders to get you the best possible interest rates. As brokers, we do charge commissions, but we offer several terms for the payment of these fees. This can make our services less expensive than others, and help to ensure that you get an excellent financial benefit when you refinance home loan.

We can work with you even if you are self employed or have casual income. This makes it possible for people to get a loan through us even if other banks have refused. Of course, if you have a regular job, we're still happy to see you. Call us today to learn more.