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Perth house prices fall again

The above headline was in the online West Australian (1 March, 2016).

If you want to read the article, it’s contained at the following link:


Without restating the content of the article, the summary is that Perth house prices have dropped by 1.1% in February – off the back of a 3.2% drop over the past 12-months.

So what does this all mean?

There is a range of answers, depending on your perspective:

  • Existing home owner

  • Potential purchaser

  • Investor

  • Seller

  • Renter

We were interested in the 'real story' so we’ve had a look at a range of Perth suburbs and we’ve found that some have gone down, some have stayed pretty constant and a few have gone up.

Similarly, we found that individual houses within particular suburbs can also move against the general trend.

Clearly there are ways to maximise property returns and the cardinal rule of property investment remains current – “Location, Location, Location”.

Knowledge is Power:

If you are buying, selling or investing in property it is crucial that you do your research. You should compare the performance of the market as a whole, the performance of the suburb and the performance of individual streets and houses within the suburb. There is a saying that “you do not make money when you sell property, you make it when you buy it”.

Over and above, property should also be considered a long-term investment. The reality is that a movement over one-month (or even one year) is a short time period when considering a property investment.

At Proteger Consulting, we help our clients with their property investment decisions in a number of ways. We firmly believe in the value of research and we can provide comprehensive property reports containing information on the market generally – what’s selling, what’s on the market and a price estimate for the property under consideration. If you already own a property and just want to check what it is worth, we can provide a report on your property.

We get an understanding of our clients long-term property aspirations and we help formulate a long-term property investment/ wealth strategy.

If you are interested in property investment, please feel free to give us a call, we are happy to discuss your specific circumstances. Otherwise, if you would like a specific property report, please go to


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