• Rob Haynes

What Does a Prime Minister Do?

In a recent article, ‘What does a CEO do?’ I talked about the role of a CEO. An ‘unnamed Venture Capitalist’ had summarised the CEO role into three areas:

  • Sets the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates it to all stakeholders.

  • Recruits, hires, and retains the very best talent for the company.

  • Makes sure there is always enough cash in the bank.

In business, the CEO is tasked with running the company and is answerable to the board and the shareholders.

In Australian politics, the ‘CEO’ is called the ‘Prime Minister’. The Prime Minister is answerable to the party and to the electorate.

Overnight a new ‘CEO of Australia’ has been announced. We now have the 5th leader in five-years. Surely this must raise questions about the Australian political environment?

I’m not intending to comment politically on last nights change however; I make three simple requests of our new political leaders:

1. Set the overall vision and strategy of the country and communicate it to all stakeholders:

  • The party, the community, business, unions and the opposition

2. Recruit, hire and retain the best talent to run the country:

  • As Jim Collins says in his book 'Good to Great'. “……..start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats”.

  • In line with point 1, communicate the vision and strategy across the party. In the most successful businesses all employees know the issues, they know the strategy and they know how their role contributes to strategy. There is leadership at all levels.

3. Make sure that there is enough cash in the bank:

  • Get the budget under control.

  • Nothing should be ‘ruled in’ or ‘ruled out’ because the discussion is too hard politically. The discussions need to be about what is best for the country.

Leaders, it is now up to you. Please demonstrate some real leadership.

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