• Rob Haynes

Ch ch ch changes.......

Earlier today I was just listening to an interview with Demographer, Bernard Salt. He was talking about the effect of technology on the job market.

There were a couple of things that he said that sparked my attention:

  • The way that we work in the future will change – there may be no need to travel to the office because many jobs will be able to be completed from home

  • Apparently people that enter the workplace now will have 15-20 jobs in their lifetime.

Neither of these are exact quotes, because I wasn’t listening closely however, you get my drift…

These points made me think about the need for continuing education, self-improvement and innovation.

It is not sufficient to do the same thing over and over. Change is happening more quickly now than ever. New skills need to be learned and introduced, old practices (that are no longer working) need to be discarded and technology needs to be embraced.

At the same time, some things do not change. The need to focus on personal relationships has never been so important – employee/ employer relationships have always been based on trust. Remote working practices magnify the importance of trust. Similarly as employees seek different roles (and employers look for replacement candidates) their chances of success will depend on the quality of their networks and relationships.

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