Debt Advisory

Most competitive pricing, terms, conditions and finance structures. 

We have observed many instances where business transactions did not proceed because finance was not available. We have also seen many businesses that had inappropriate finance structures that created risk for the business and directors.


We are engaged to act on behalf of business. Our experience and connections mean that our clients have access to the most competitive pricing, terms/ conditions and finance structures. 


  • We use our specialist analysis and forecasting software to analyse and structure the most appropriate financing for your business

  • Use our broad range of financiers to execute the most appropriate solution from the entire spectrum of debt products

  • Provide guidance on strategies for ongoing management of capital

  • Ensure that there is a capital management strategy which aligns with short/ medium and long term strategies 

  • Where appropriate, we assess funding options which may include traditional senior debt, mezzanine finance, structured finance, preferred equity and superannuation fund money

  • Develop and execute funding strategies for M&A initiatives, strategic growth opportunities and large capital expenditure projects

  • Assist you to improve your risk profile in the eyes of lenders and investors

  • We are also authorised to act as Finance Brokers and we hold accreditations with all major banks. Read More

Assistance with Bank Relationships

Sometimes business and banks seem to speak different languages. There are a variety of reasons why businesses are not able to source finance, or end up with inappropriate conditions, some of which include:


  • Relationships with the wrong bank or the wrong person/ department of the bank.

  • The bank does not understand the cash flow of the business. This can be because the banker does not have the skills to interpret the information that is provided, or because the business is not providing information in the ‘correct format’ to the bank.

  • The business does not meet the bank’s requirements and is not aware of other options that are available.


We understand the language of business and we can translate it into the banks language and vice versa. 


Some of our services include:

  • Review of your existing bank relationships - is the relationship suitable now and in the future?

  • Review of finance structures

  • Review of your pricing and terms - businesses change, have your bank facilties changed in response?

  • Restructure of finance

  • Assistance with annual reviews

  • Competitive tenders

  • Assistance with difficult bank relationships

Financial Risk Management

Successful business management is the process of understanding risks and minimising them wherever possible. If you are a Director of a Public Company, or Not for Profit, you are bound by Corporate Governance legislation. If you are the owner/ director of a privately owned company, you are similarly bound by your Directors duties and you probably have personal guarantees at stake.


 Over and above the personal liability, business risks can arise from a number of sources (not limited to):

  • Selling goods or services on credit

  • Dealing in foreign currencies (import or export)

  • Exposure to interest rates


We help you analyse your risks and then identify the most appropriate solutions for you, introducing you to the appropriate specialists where required.


It's all about being able to sleep at night.

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