We have a variety of pricing options. Typically professional service firms charge hourly rates. This method of charging can mean that the focus can incorrectly be on the hours taken as opposed to the quality of the outcome. Generally speaking we prefer to charge fixed fees for specified projects.



We are accredited with many of the major banks and lenders, this means that we can receive an up-front commission and in some cases a trailing commission. We can structure our fees to be totally up-front (and rebate the commissions) or a combination of up-front fees and trail commission. Whatever our fee structure, we are engaged by you, to secure the best pricing and loan terms.


Business Forecasting and Strategy

We will work with you to ascertain the scope of the assignment and the projected benefits. We then break-down our services into individual components and agree on a set-price (where possible). The fixed price approach means that you are free to consult with us at any time, without the risk of the 'meter running'.


We always offer a no-obligation consultation and we prefer to meet with you at your business premises.