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Business Loans

When would you get a business loan in a hurry?

Business often focuses on long-term plans and results, so the need for quick business loans can be a surprise. However, the requirement for speedy cash arises more often than you might think. Here are some of the scenarios that might be presented to a business loan broker:

One of the most common scenarios mentioned when companies apply for business finance loans involves an unexpected deal possibility. You might have the chance to buy a load of inventory at low cost, with the caveat that you have to agree to purchase very quickly. Similarly, you might get a great deal only if you pay quickly. If your company doesn't have the funds on hand, business finance loans can let you overcome the hurdle.

Business loans are also needed in order to keep paying staff during emergencies or unexpected downturns. Then, you need to be able to get the funds before the next payday rolls around. The alternative, laying everybody off, leaves you with the risk of not being able to get them to come back once business is back up and running. In many cases, going to a business loan broker is a far better choice.


Short-term business finance loans are often unsecured. This makes them less risky for you, though it may mean that you'll pay somewhat higher interest rates in exchange. There are some requirements that you'll have to meet, as well. These include meeting the minimum monthly revenue requirement and having at least six months of trading history.

If you need long-term business finance loans, we're still the source you need. As a business loan broker, we can arrange for working capital, financing for your plant and equipment, and more. By using cash flow as the main qualifier, we reduce the need for other physical collateral regardless of the length of the loan. Our term loans and commercial bills are perfect for your longer-term financing needs.

Since we know how banks think, we can speed up the application process and ensure that you meet the requirements for quick approval on your loan application. Soon, you'll have the cash you need for everything from meeting payroll in tough times to expanding your plant's capacities.

To learn more about our business loan brokerage service, what you can expect based on your company's current finances and cash flow, or to get started with an application, just contact us. We're in West Perth, Australia, and you can call or make an appointment to find out everything you need to know. We look forward to serving you and all of your company's financial needs.