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As a Business Owner or Director, you have many things to think about. Your bank relationship is the last thing that you want to be spending time on. Bank requirements can be confusing and they are constantly changing. Bank lending decisions are made by Credit Managers who generally don't know your business. You are dependent on your Relationship Manager to get the correct message across to the bank on your behalf. Sometimes Relationship Managers change, which means that you need to educate a new person about your business.


You just want your bank to be there when you need them.


We deal with all the major lenders and can help you with a broad range of business finance requirements including:

  • We specialise in cash flow lending, reducing the need for property security

  • Working capital

  • Long-term debt including commercial bills & term loans

  • Foreign exchange and Interest Rate Risk Management facilities

  • Plant & equipment finance

  • Owner-occupied commercial property finance

  • Growing businesses are our specialty.

We know how banks think. We present your requirements in such a way that the bank will understand them. This means that you secure a quicker approval and we are able to negotiate the most appropriate pricing and terms.


We then stay involved, so your point of contact is with us. We can help you manage ongoing bank communications to ensure that your bank understands your strategy and is there when you need them.

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